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Léon Marty texts

Léon Marty was born in 1889 at Montredon, a village close to Narbonne (Aude). He did his military service from 1910 to 1913. He married Anaïs Sabatier in November 1913. Like millions of individuals, he was called up on 2 August 1914 and joined his regiment, the 143rd infantry regiment, in Carcassonne. His journey took him to the Nancy region where he arrived on 14 September 1914 after the Battle of the “Grand Couronné”.
His first assignment as a soldier was to clean up the battlefield of this region on 15 September, the day his daughter Léoncine was born.
Léon then went to the north of France and to the Ypres region in Belgium where he was until February 1915. He then turned up in Champagne, around Bois Sabot near Tahure where he was wounded on 5 June 1915. He was sent to a hospital in Vichy until the end of July of the same year, then he had his first leave. He became a drill sergeant in the Carcassonne region and on the Larzac plateau.
In 1916, Léon was posted to the 245th infantry regiment which was reforming in the Thur Valley and he arrived there on 13 July. He stayed in this sector until August 1917.
In September, he was sent with his regiment to Saint-Mihiel where his unit was decimated on 24 September. Following this, his unit was wound up and he was posted to the 348th infantry regiment. In May 1918, Léon Marty was in the Rheims region and his regiment suffered heavy losses. There was another winding-up and Léon was posted to the 22nd infantry regiment.
It was in this regiment that he learnt of the signature of the armistice (11 November 1918) in Champagne. He returned to civilian life at the end of July 1919.
Léon Marty died in October 1961 and his wife in January 1965.

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